The 10 Best Travel Accessories To Have In 2019

Here is a list of some travel accessories that make your life easier when you are on the road. They are supposed to save you either space, time and/or money and make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts. This list was inspired not only by my personal experience but also the latest trends out there.


Documents organizer

Let’s start with THE most important thing you carry on a trip. Nope, it’s not your laptop nor your mobile. It’s your documentation, especially your passport. Keep your documents tidy and safe is a must.


Money belt

Keeping your belongings safe is a major concern whenever you’re going to less safe places. A money belt is an inexpensive way to keep your pocket money and even some documents invisible at all times.


Digital organizer

It’s astonishing the amount of cards, cables, plugs and adaptors we travel with nowadays. Usually one of the pockets in my backpack is exclusively dedicated to these “accessories of accessories”, but it soon can become a huge mess. An electronics’ organizer helps keeping everything neat and organised.


Power Bank

If you've ever run out of power on your mobile device, you know the value of having that extra power with you. Invest in a compact and potent device. Go for the ones that are more than 10000mAh. Here’s a list of power banks to get you started.



Whether you’re going urban or rural, to a beach or to a mountain, a backpack is essential to carry the usual vacation stuff. 

For one for a daily use, make sure you go for a unassuming (and basic) backpack on the outside, but functional on the inside, just like these ones here.


Anti-theft backpacks are becoming increasingly popular these days. They have hidden pockets and zippers and no access front. They often have integrated USB charging port to charge your devices on the go and are also water repellent and cut proof. Click here to see the collection and choose one for yourself.

International Power Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter 2.4A and Multi Usb Cable Charger

Depending on where your destination is, this will be essential. A good adapter will provide you with all the possible outlets worldwide, ensuring you always stay charged abroad. If the budget allows, look for one with surge protection. Just in case.

Multi USB Charger

Who hasn’t faced the true first-world problem of not having enough power outlets to charge all the devices? With the USB port type on the rise across gadgets, this problem will just become more frequent. A multi-USB hub charger is your solution.

To future-proof this purchase, look for USB 3.0 ports and a minimum of 6 USB ports. Amazon has a great variety to choose from.


Smartphone Camera Clip-on Lenses

If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to carry around another gadget, have a look at smartphone camera clip-on lenses. Your Facebook and Instagram posts will get 10 times more likes and shares with incredible high-quality photos you will post. These lenses are breeze to use! Click here to look at a few options.


Selfie Stick and Tripod

Create memories by capturing awesome moments with this sleek and versatile selfie stick and tripod. You will love the way it feels in your hands. Lightweight, sturdy and portable it is equipped with a separable Bluetooth shutter remote which allows you to take photos and videos from a distance. It has an adjustable non-slip grip for all phone sizes. Its foldable design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket. Get yours here.


Duffle Bag 

Duffle bags are super trendy and versatile. They can be used for weekend travel, daily travel, short business travel and IF it’s made from waxed canvas then it can serve you for years because waxed canvas is super durable. Well waxed canvas far outlasts its fabric counterparts in long term endurance. Like fine leather, the more you use it, the better it looks. Given the proper care, the same wear and tear that would wear out and tear up another fabric will instead develop the character that makes waxed canvas bags even more valuable and desirable over time. Check some great canvas travel bags here.


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